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Our experience, detailed and consistent work has made us one of the companies that have created the most space We are proud to have gathered specialists in our team who have extensive and diverse experience. We combine this experience with continuous improvement, so our team is constantly interested in the latest trends in landscape architecture, landscaping ideas and technological innovations. It is this approach that gives our team the opportunity to create not only today’s but also the green spaces of the future. Every stage of a project, be it the presentation of an idea, the layout of its implementation stages and the execution of the project itself, is always accompanied by strict planning. One of the main principles of our work is no place for chance. When creating spaces, we consistently and in detail study not only the individual plot, but also its general location, the urban environment, especially if it is a public space. The most important thing for us is to create a harmonious space that is relevant to our environment. When implementing private spaces, we pay a lot of attention to the lifestyle of our clients and the understanding of their hobbies. Only by understanding the real needs will we be able to create the garden of their dreams for our clients. The space can offer its customers a comprehensive range of services – from the presentation of the idea of the primary space (site design) to the thorough and detailed implementation of each part of the project. Such as installation of lawns, flower beds and irrigation systems; selection and planting of trees, ornamental plants and shrubs according to a harmonious layout scheme; constant maintenance of the formed plot or its parts.

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